Giclée Prints

Canvas, satin cloth, and fine art paper all have a protective coating which helps preserve the artwork and reduce glare, which will work well with mounting and framing options that do not make use of glass cover.

Satin Cloth

The satin cloth is water resistant and absorbs a lot of ink so the colors are bright and blacks are very dark. In contrast with canvas, the satin cloth weave is very tight and does not have texture so it will show every detail and not conflict with the texture of the artwork. This is available for all mountings except the box mount and is the material used on the Gallery Wrap Dazzle.

Fine Art Paper

Fine art paper is a classic choice which will last decades longer than wood fiber-based paper. Fine art paper is acid free and of archival quality. It shows incredible detail – very deep black, and vibrant colors

I work with different printers offering two types of Metallic paper:

  • LexJet Sunset Photo Metallic, This paper has a silver tone and very high gloss so photos look like they are printed on metal. The metal look is mainly in the whites and color reduces the affect so this paper is especially well suited to black and white images.
  • Kodak Endura Metallic, offers a distinct metallic appearance and glossy finish. The metallic effect is more pronounced in larger color spectrum than the LexJet so this paper is especially well suited for colorful images


Canvas has a textured weave. This allows for that classic, artistic look and feel.

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