Artist Statement/Bio

Artist Statement

I am research scientist and I’ve always been both amazed and intrigued by the art work produced by fractal artists.   Once I started creating my own works I realized that there were a lot of similarities between the two. Both are an iterative process of question and answer.   Sometimes you have a specific question to answer, how do I get from here to there?  That’s when your technical and analytical skills come into play.  However, often you get results that are totally unexpected or contrary to your original ideas.  That’s when things get interesting, as you explore uncharted territories.  That’s where discoveries are made.
Discovery, journey, adventure, what is out there to be found, these are all integral to who I am and what I want to accomplish with my work.  My goal, the goal of Passion In Light, is to take you on a journey to raise your spirits, to inspire new possibilities, to accept the unlimited potential within yourself, while traveling to unexplored visual destinations.  Hopefully the viewers can see that they also have hidden or unexamined talents to share, whatever they might be, and now the will begin their own journeys of discovery and share them with us.


Rick Chapman


Rick Chapman grew up in Port Washington, NY. He  had no real artistic desires, except as the occasional hobbyist in photography and pottery. He pursued an education and career in science which brought him to North Carolina where he now resides in Greensboro.  A fractal image during an internet search in late 2010 rekindled an awareness in fractal art.  On a whim he chose to see what he could do with Apophysis, a fractal flame generator.  A few months later he had his work on display in a local gallery and a passion to pursue.  Entries into online juried competitions have consistently won him honorable mentions.

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