Ed Wedman EWW review

 Ed Wedman sent me this review of my work – Thanks Ed!

“I have viewed many works of fractal art but never before have I been so mesmerized as by the works of Rick Chapman.  His works are a feast of color and movement that give the observer the opportunity to explore what the artists says it is, as well as the observer having a chance to take the movement, color and shapes into some meaning of their own.  The rich colors and movement begin a journey that truly culminates in technology and art as one.”  — Edward Wedman, Co-Founder, Exhibitions Without Walls for Photographers and Digital Artist, 2012

About Rick

I am research scientist that back in late 2010 began to play with Apophysis. I showed my work to a few friends and colleagues. With their encouragement I picked a few pieces for printing and put them up in a local gallery. Following further encouragement and compliments I began the process of learning how to best print and display my work. The latter being far more challenging for me that actually creating the art work. For the moment I’ll be trying to master the intricacies of Apophysis and later hope to expand to other fractal engines.
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