Stellar Art Award for Tulip Wing

Tulip Wing takes a “Stellar Art Award” in the True Colors Digital Arts California competition. There were 310 entries from artists from 23 countries in various digital media.  Visit Digital Arts CA to view all the winners

Defining Digital Art
Digital Arts: California uses a broad definition of digital art: any work whose creation or presentation involves a digital process that enhances the work. Works so defined might, for instance, include representational photographs taken with a digital camera and enhanced, using the HDR process. Other examples might include a fractal image that expresses a complex mathematical equation in visual form, an illustration drawn on an electronic tablet, and a “glitch” work, comprised of digital errors.  More traditional artists might do digital painting, while an avant-garde digital artist might do “generative” art, using computer software algorithms. Digital art is nothing if not exciting and wildly innovative.

About Rick

I am research scientist that back in late 2010 began to play with Apophysis. I showed my work to a few friends and colleagues. With their encouragement I picked a few pieces for printing and put them up in a local gallery. Following further encouragement and compliments I began the process of learning how to best print and display my work. The latter being far more challenging for me that actually creating the art work. For the moment I’ll be trying to master the intricacies of Apophysis and later hope to expand to other fractal engines.
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